I want to thank Deb so much for releasing me from the damage my anxiety was causing me - physically, emotionally and socially. My relationship with my family has improved, my concentration, all areas of my life. My mind is more focused on what I am doing at the moment. I will continue to tell others about Deb’s skill and recommend her services. I have changed my diet, added some supplements and just feel better. These things were so much easier to implement with a more focused, calm mind. I thank God for leading me to Deb’s healing hands.
— Angela M.
Meeting Deb and starting acupuncture was the best thing I could have ever done for my health. I wanted to find natural solutions for my gut/IBS issues and also amenorrhea (loss of menstrual cycle), two things that stemmed from years of chronic stress. As an MD myself, I was frustrated and frankly disappointed in my own medical field with the lack of support and solutions I could find for my health issues. I was told that I would likely need IVF or other invasive treatments in order to get pregnant. After one month of acupuncture and herbal therapy with Deb, my IBS completely resolved. After only two months I got my period back after almost three years! To my complete shock, I then conceived a month later and now I’m twenty-two weeks pregnant with a healthy little girl.

I am now no longer a skeptic when it comes to traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture! I will definitely be referring my patients for acupuncture now that I know it’s safe and clearly effective. Deb was amazingly supportive and truly cares for her patients. She worked really hard to find the perfect blend of herbs and acupuncture treatments in order for me to experience healing and I am so thankful.
— Ellen D.
In 2014, I was diagnosed with vestibular migraines which manifested themselves in debilitating attacks of vertigo. The attacks would last for two to six hours, during which time I would be totally incapacitated, vomiting, and unable to even walk. The attacks would come without warning, and many years of not knowing what it was or how to treat it left me with severe anxiety. Every moment of my life, no matter where I was, my first thought was always: what if it happens right now?

With conventional treatments and medications not helping, I read that some people with this problem had been helped by acupuncture, so I decided to look into it. That led me to Deb Torrance at Skylands Acupuncture. Even though my ailment was relatively rare, Deb treated my case with confidence and skill. In addition to treating me for the vertigo and migraines, she also quickly went to work on the stress and underlying anxiety as well. Deb has a gentle and healing touch and is at all times very compassionate and tuned into the comfort of her patients. I left the day of my first treatment feeling calmer and more centered than I had in months.

Shortly after beginning the acupuncture treatments, the vertigo attacks suddenly stopped. I have now been free from these attacks for over two and a half years. I cannot speak highly enough of Deb’s knowledge and skill in her field. In the time since I’ve been going to Skylands Acupuncture, Deb has also successfully treated me for a variety of ailments including seasonal allergies and muscular injuries.

Deb has a deep understanding of body energies and their roles in both physical and spiritual health. Thank you Deb for all you do! You are a true asset in the field of holistic health and wellness.
— Jim S.